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human resources

Our Human Resources Policy
Our Human Resources Policy

The main objective of our group, whose the most important capital is human resources, is to be an institution for our employees to be proud and happy of being a part of the team, which is qualified, successful in human relations, reliable, with high level of education.

We are aware of that sustainable growth can only be achieved by the contribution of our employees. For this reason; we aim to bring the people, who are able to think strategically, proactive, open to innovation, with high potential business and personal development, responsible, successful in teamwork to our family. To enlarge our group by developing people, who joined to our team, via continuing education programs, effective performance management, career planning and reward systems constitute our basic philosophy. In this context we act in regard;

  • To be a preferred institution in the health sector and make this position permanent,
  • To implement human resources policies that can provide contribution to the employees and institution on the road to target,
  • To employ new people to maintain and develop the corporate values with competency-based recruitment process,
  • To create results-oriented organization by creating employees with high knowledge, skills and experience that supports this structure in every step,
  • To follow a fair, competitive, correct salary and fringe benefits policy,
  • To prepare education plans specific for professional and personal development needs of the employees,
  • To develop approaches that strengthen the motivation and commitment of employees,

All employees in our group have equal rights. The features of our employees such as nationality, religion, ethnic origin, gender, disability, political opinion and age discrimination is considered as human resources wealth of our group.

Selection and Placement
Selection and Placement

As Liv Hospital family, we adopt as a basic principle to treat all candidates equally without discrimination in the selection and placement process, and to search "the right person the right to job" as a single measure in this process.

We think that people, who believe in the importance of the recruitment strategy in the success of the companies, are happy to be a part of our group, are with high desire for success, are sensitive against the environment and society, will improve organizations. We believe that an organization of individuals, who are efficient, quality work based, inclined to teamwork, closely following the developments in Turkey and in the world, with high performance, will be accompanied by success.

The basic principle of our selection and placement system is to employ trained and professional human resources that can be able to adopt and implement the philosophy, vision, mission and principles of our group, to develop the team and the company, are open to learning and innovation, are successful in human relations and with initiative.

The methods we use in the selection and placement process vary depending on the candidate profile. Various tests and inventories together with competency-based interviewing techniques are used in the process.

In order to join Liv Hospital the family; you can make an application to our open ads at www.kariyer.net and www.secretcv.com portals, or send your CV to ik@livhospital.com.tr address.

Performance Evaluation and Career Management
Performance Evaluation and Career Management

We, as Liv Hospital, evaluate the work results of our employees in the scope of "Target and Competency-Based Performance Management System".

This system aims the employees to progress in positions where they can succeed by taking the their interests and tendencies into account, and evaluating their potential and competence.

Competences and objectives grouped under three headings, as basic, managerial and professional, are defined based on positions in "Target and Competency-Based Performance Management System", which is performed once a year. Performance evaluation process is composed of personal evaluation of the employee, evaluation by the department manager and making face-to-face interview processes. The obtained results are considered as data in the implementation of salary management, career management and learning management systems.

Our goal in career management is to provide for the employees to make progress in positions where they can succeed by evaluating their interests and competencies. Promotion in Liv Hospital is directly proportional with success. Promotion may be horizontal or vertical. Authorization brings responsibility and salary increase. To move up to a higher position, it is necessary to have features such as knowledge and experience required by that job definition. Still, the most important criterion is the level of performance.

Opening positions are primarily announced within the company with an internal ad, and our colleagues who wish can apply to these announcements. Career and promotions moves are made according to the evaluation results.

Training and Development
Training and Development

Everyone who joined to our family, as Liv Hospital, starts to benefit from the learning and development opportunities from the first day. All of our employees are supported by systems that can ensure their high performance to be continuous and hold their competencies current as a member of a large family.

Annual training and development activities are created as a result of work done by considering competence, accreditation standards and professional requirements as well as the performance system.

Training and development activities in-house, are implemented as external training and orientation.

An environment, where the most appropriate method to your learning style, is waiting for you in our group. Our methods include applications such as classroom training, on-the-job training, Liv Academy, e-learning, coaching and field visits.

All employees newcomer aboard are first given institutional orientation training by Human Resources. It is aimed with this training for the employee to recognize the institution closely, to have information on institutional policies and common practices and some basic training facilitating the adaptation process to the institution.

After the institutional orientation, training program is being implemented by the department to be worked. While It is aimed here to provide the employee to learn processes and applications specific to the department and task accompanied by a guide.

Furthermore, all of our employees are constantly keeping their information fresh and being aware of new developments with the e-learning training assignments.

Our group increases information sharing and allows the development of our managers as well as contributes our employees with the Liv Academy project.

Internship Opportunities
Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunity within the is offered to students studying in postgraduate, graduate, undergraduate and high school who are deemed appropriate to do an internship at the Liv Hospital site.

Transportation and food needs of students are met by the hospital. As Liv Hospital, highly motivated people who have eager to learn, with internal audit and self-discipline, can keep internal company information as secret are preferred. To choose the candidates capable of maintaining the balance of impersonating to employees from identity student from the sincerity to formality, ready to take responsibility, self-development oriented, self-confident, with positive thoughts and attitude, capable of carrying out the school and work schedule together are our priority.

Salary and Rewarding
Salary and Rewarding

Salary policy in our group, which adopted "Equal salary for equal work" principle, is determined and updated depending on the salary levels, the current market trends and our performance assessment. Salaries are paid monthly on the basis of gross salary.

Our employees are rewarded as soon as possible when the following cases are noticed and appreciated; they have obtained outstanding achievements and they provide a significant contribution to institution, they exhibit exemplary attitude and behavior. Furthermore, people who make a difference are shared with other employees with meetings held periodically.

Working Conditions and Social Rights
Working Conditions and Social Rights

Fringe benefits package, which can vary according to sector dynamics, is implemented in our group.

Lunch and shuttle service are provided; gift packages are offered periodically to all employees. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack opportunity is offered depending on working hours.

Free lodging in the same district with our hospital is available for our nurses and our health officers, who do not have the ability to reside in the city.

Private health insurance is implemented for our employees, including spouses and children. In addition, our staff and first-degree relatives have the opportunity to take advantage of the services offered by our institution with a discount.

Our occupational physician and nurse, who are intervening in case of the discomfort of our employees and responsible for the treatment of their diseases, are giving service.

We recognize the importance of social organizations on how to increase motivation when working, to reduce job stress, to improve communication and create a sense of belonging. Therefore, there is "Liv Activity Club (LIVAK)" which is organizing social events to increase our employees’ motivation by bringing them together and consisting of our volunteer employees.