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Put an End to Your Migraine Headache with Botox

02 March 2017

Almost everybody suffers from headache throughout their life. Headache becomes chronic and reduces the quality of life in some people while it is temporary in some others. “If you have severe headache at least half of a month and this headache is migrainous, you may have "chronic migraine," says Dr. Akçay Övünç Özön, the Neurologist from Liv Hospital Ankara, pointing out that every one out of two people suffering from migraine headaches is "chronic migraine patient". Özün also adds that botox is effective in treating chronic migraine, saying "we aim to decrease the activity of the muscles injecting botox into them. When the activity of the muscle is minimized, the pain is also minimized. The patients' quality of life is improved and they get rid of the headaches," says Dr. Akçay Övünç Özön, the Neurologist from Liv Hospital Ankara.



Botox treatment for chronic migraine


Patients having chronic migraine are alone with risks of taking painkillers continuously and excessively and the negative psychological mood created by the fact that they have to live with pain. In the light of scientific data, botox is a new option in protective treatment for chronic migraine. In chronic migraine, botox should be applied by specialists experienced in this area with true diagnosis. Today, migraine and chronic migraine is diagnosed and treated by neurologists and headache centres.

Aim is to minimize the activity of muscles.


In treating chronic migraine, the muscles are injected with botox toxin to minimize their activity. When the muscle activity is minimized, the pain is also minimized. In this treatment, the stretched groups of muscles are injected with toxin at 31 points in 7 different areas. The treatment is applied by injecting more toxin into the stretched groups of muscles while injecting less into the less stretched groups of muscles. Treatment is applied at the intervals of 3 months. It is applied in 3 to 5 courses of treatment.


Not very migraine headache is chronic


Chronic migraine is not a simple headache or a headache lasting for years. Every chronic headache is not a chronic migraine while every migraine is not chronic migraine. Chronic migraine is a mild or more severe condition often one-sided but sometimes both-sided sensitive to light, sound, movement and smell often accompanied by vomiting. However, in some chronic migraine cases, the symptoms like nausea and vomiting is less but the headache is still to a disturbing extent.


 It reduces the quality of life

Chronic migraine patients may experience financial problems due to loss of work force and a reduced quality of life. This has negative psychological effects. In our country, one out of 6 to 7 people have migraine and each one out of 10 migraine patient suffers from this disease chronically. The prevalence of chronic migraine is 1.7 percent in Turkey. Migraine, which is ranked by World Health Organization as 19th among causes for years lived with disability, ranks higher than diabetes.  


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