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Liv Hospital Has Been Awarded The Well-Known Center of Excellence Accreditation In 3 Branches

10 December 2015

Liv Hospital, entered the sector 3years ago to be a leader in the international arena in the healthcare as a new brand, has been awarded the well-known Center of Excellence Accreditation in 3 branches.

Liv Hospital was co-authorized after completing the “Center of Excellence Accreditation” in the branches of robotic surgery, colorectal surgery and obesity surgery by succeeding the stringent audit conducted by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) which is an impartial international commission. The Center of Excellence Accreditation which can be achieved by very few companies in the world was granted to an organization outside the Unites States for the first time by the concerning authority. Liv Hospital succeeded the 2-day stringent audit completely and accurately in the branches of robotic surgery, colorectal surgery and obesity surgery and scored a great success. Liv Hospital has been co-authorized by awarding the title of the Center of Excellence in the branches of robotic surgery, colorectal surgery and obesity surgery, and has proven that it provides the equivalent service with the reputable organizations of the world in these branches.

Why Center of Excellence?

First of all, it must be proven to the auditor delegation that the qualification of the physician in the related fields, specific studies, to treat patients equivalent to the world-class criteria and in certain number, complications, readmission, and analysis and functional results of the clinical data are equivalent to the organizations accredited before. In addition, it must be proven during the audit that the patient treatment protocols are determined by making decisions through joint meetings conducted with other disciplines, that the healthcare services and their results are integrated, and that they are created by planning from past to the future. Also, achieving a certain quality in institutionalization and treatment outcomes is among the basic application criteria.
Liv Hospital, after fulfilled all criteria required for application, has been audited for 2 days by the commission members who came from U.S. for audit purpose. Many fields including the number of cases performed by the Liv Hospital surgeons and complications rates, readmission, reoperation, complication rates, their educational backgrounds and qualifications, the symposiums and trainings they attended in regular manner, assessment of tasks, competencies and responsibilities of the persons from physicians to nurses, from janitors to allied health personnel, proper consultation and equipment, safety of the anesthesia and surgery processes, infection control, safe use of drugs, patient rooms, emergency unit, examination rooms, protocols of the clinical care standard, informant consent forms, from institutional commitment and support groups to building safety were scrutinized and went through a stringent audit.

“Being a Center of Excellence is a matter of culture”

Meri Istiroti, Liv Hospital Group Coordinator, who pointed out that being a center of excellence is a matter of culture, said that "We, as Liv Hospital, offer to our guests an integrated diagnostic and treatment service with a 360-degree approach. However, experiencing our quality healthcare service by our patients and individual satisfaction are very important to us, but not enough. Companies without vision cannot move, and companies without the target cannot grow. Achieving altogether is a completely different feeling. Our efforts will never end. We will take it more and more forward every day making a difference in patient care. As a center of excellence registered in global level, we will sustain the quality, efficient and effective healthcare without stopping. Being a center of excellence does not stop getting certified; we will sustain this permanently".

The winner will be public health

Prof. Dr. Oktar Asoglu, Liv Hospital's Medical Director, points out that having certified with a Center of Excellence award is a great team success. Prof. Dr. Oktar Asoglu says “medicine is changing rapidly, the half-life of knowledge is rapidly getting shorter. Quality health care must be measurable. In situations based on performance, being able to assess the treatment outputs is very difficult in the structures where everyone does everything. In this context, supervision of the international independent audit firms in the relevant areas will support to increase the quality of health care. And the winner will be public health. Just like the accreditation of the prestigious institutions in education, the accreditation processes in the health care will also open a new page for our country for the aspect of public health".

Audit from past to future

Qualification of the concerning physicians in the relevant branches and the number of operations performed by documentation, complication rates, survival rates, infections rates in the robotic, colorectal and obesity surgeries have to be provided in the international standards or better. 

Fully reflection of the accuracy of the patient records
Appointing a program director separately for each clinic and ensuring and proving a consensus by holding case-based meetings in a multi-disciplinary working format with all other departments.
Participating of not only the physicians but also all relevant health staff (nurse, anesthesia technician, etc.) in the multidisciplinary meetings.

Being available of all required consultant physicians in the hospital and managing the complications in a fastest way possible for 7/24 when needed.

Making available the devices and equipment and infrastructure that are well-designed for obese patients. These are, for example, chairs, beds, MRI device, blood pressure devices, and suitable WCs, etc. for obese patients.
For the physicians leading the relevant branches, having an educational background-certification recognized by many organizations both national and international, having a strong academic background.
Making available the workflow diagrams and maps every required places indicating what the patient should do every day. Thus, error rate depending on the human factor is minimized.
Adopting a holistic approach to patients. For example, always providing support to the patients admitted for obesity by not only physicians and nurses but also psychologists, dieticians, etc.
Using the strong training methods. Making available the detailed patient training images, effective presentation techniques and informed consent forms; experienced trainer staff, correct and systematic data management and transparency in data sharing.

After the Center of Excellence Accreditation based on the SRC’s corporate data analysis awarded the Center Of Excellence Accreditation:

Complications were reduced by 65%
Costs were lowered by 35%
Productivity improved by 47%
Patient safety raised by 71%
Coordination between teams was increased by 59%
Awareness increased by 59%
Patient satisfaction increased by 53%
Patient volume increased by 53%
References increased by 35%


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