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Get Rid of Joint Pains with Your Own Blood

02 March 2017

in in the joints like knees, hips etc, which are curable at the early stages, may become big problems as they advance. Treatment of joint diseases becomes difficult due to the reasons such as the load on the body, deformations cartilage, meniscus and connective tissues and range up to surgical operation and prosthesis. Emphasizing that pain and loss function seriously affect the life comfort, Prof. Dr. Rıdvan Alaca, the Physiotherapist from Liv Hospital Ankara, says that joint pains can be cured by injecting the plasma exracted from the patient's own blood by use of PRP method into the joint.

 The body repairs itself with PRP

The medical studies on the body's repairing itself has significantly increased recently. The healing capability of the damaged joint is limited since it has no blood and lymphatic circulation. PRP both speeds up the process and reduces the pain.  PRP which is abbreviation of "Platelet Rich Plasma” means plasma rich in thrombcytes. Nonsurgical PRP method ensures a quicker healing of tissues and less feeling of pain in all joint problems including knee arthritis, and musculoskeletal system diseases. The fluid used in the treatment is a natural cure since it is prepared from the patient's own blood.

How is it performed?

About 10 ml blood is intravenously taken from the patient into specially-prepared tubes. The blood collected is specially centrifuged in the tube and this process takes 15 minutes. Following centrifugation, the cells of the blood other than thrombocytes settle down to the bottom of the tube. A yellow coloured plasma rich in thrombocytes remains in the surface. Üstte kalan sıvının dip kısmında trombositlerin daha da yoğun olduğu bir bölüme özel sistem sayesinde her milimetre küpünde yaklaşık 1-2  milyon trombosit hücresi olan 3-4 ml plazma enjeksiyonunun uygulanacağı enjektöre çekiliyor. After all these stages, PRP is administered to the desired area by use of appropriate techniques without delay.

It speeds up healing and restoration of the cartilage

PRP increases the release of the repairing and growth factors called cytokins. This increase stimulates the cells in the worn cartilage and thus the synthesis of the substances playing an important role in healing such as proteoglican and collagen and process of restoration of the cartilage speeds up. In PRP method, the yellow coloured plasma fluid rich in throbocytes obtained from blood is administered into the knee joint in the amount of 2 to 4 ml three times with the intervals of 10 to 30 days. Healing starts within a few weeks after the injection and the healing process goes on for 3 to 12 months depending on the degree of wear and tear of the tissue. Unlike the cortisone injections, there is no quick relief of pain after PRP injections. In PRP applications, pain ends wearing off over months. In contrary to cortisone applications, no recurrent complaints are observed after PRP application. PRP is not a pian killer but a treatment method for the damaged joints.




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