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Advanced Centers


At the Liv Hospital Eye Clinic, we offer world class technology and our experienced medical staff handles cases that includes but are not limited to keratoconus, cataract and refractive surgery and eye contour aesthetics.

We provide advanced customer service to our patients by collaborating technology with experienced healthcare proffesionals. We utilize on laser interferometry in order to eliminate possible deviations regarding inner eye lens measurements. In addition, we use Scheimpflug technology for determining back side properties of the cornea as well as the front side. Our Verion Surgical Planner enables us to follow predetermined procedures during cataract surgeries. With this advanced technology we can determine the placements of cuts into the eye with great precision. We can also centralize the axis of glasses that go into the eye using the most detailed techniques.

With retina tomography, we can identify all small variations. By supporting laser cataract surgery with Verion Surgical Planner, it is possible to get safer and sharper results. When we use the same procedures with faco devices which have active pumps, we can have longer lasting cataract surgery success that exceeds patient's expectations.



Myopia, hypermyopia and astigmatism are common eye problems. With the help of rapid laser units, we can provide faster solutıions to these eye conditions. We are rewriting the rules by using lasers that can speed up to 500 Hertz. Refractive surgeries go in hand in hand with excimer lasers which are used succesfully by our surgeons in curing myopia, hypermyopia and astigmatism.

OPTILASIK excimer lasers use cutting edge technology in order not to distort the natural shape of the cornea. With this technology we can prevent eye dazzles resulting from lasers. OPTILASIK excimers also provide optimal wave front technology that prevents reflection and enables us to offer specific treatment options to 4 different patients. With this technology we are aiming at providing treatments which are way more developed than what is offered anywhere else.



Exchange of information between examination devices and the lasers that conduct surgeries are fully automated and are never interrupted. One of the most critical success factors we focus on during any surgical procedure is to conserve the natural shape of the cornea. All of our devices are directly interconnected to each other and all the data we collect with our examination devices are forwarded into a database.

All of the measurements are sent to all the devices simultaneously and surgeries are then planned according to these measurements. Data transfers from one device to another is automated which eliminates the possibility of error due to human activity.

Our excimer lasers use advanced technology in order to protect cornea’s original slope and shape. These rapid lasers also provide treatment which eliminates all laser based reflections and eye glaring. With this technology we provide you the chance to get rid of your reading glasses faster than you take your contact lenses off.


Well trained medical staff

Cutting edge technology and software

Putting our patients first

Informing our patients constantly

Designing treatment plans based on patient’s expectations

Quality control upon treatments and measuring success

Providing continous, monthly training to our staff

Leading medical innovations nationwide

Communicating with leading international medical community


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