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understanding of patient care

Understanding of Patient Care

Understanding of Patient Care

Liv Hospital makes a difference with its treatment approaches as well as guest services and patient care approach.

"Guest Services Department", which is constructed on the principle that patients and their relatives feel at home, welcomes their patients at the door by accepting them as a "guest", and accompanies them and their relatives in the hospital at every stage.

Follow-up and planning of all appointments from the first step to the hospital until the discharge. Even home care processes are carried out by "Guest Relations".

"Guest Services", which is offering VIP quality service in all rooms, follows all the services in welcoming the patient, performing hospitalization procedures, taking the patient to their room and in their room one-by-one. It is provided to easily reach all the services that might be needed by the patients and their relatives via a single button on the digital display in the rooms, in which the latest technology is used.

Our Safe and Quality Nursing Care Services

As Liv Nursing Services, we have set out with "Providing excellent patient care" service concept. We provide this service, in the framework of professional rules, ethics and trust; in accordance with the ethical rules and in the light of current practice, by using the technology with friendly staff.

As Liv Hospital, we aim to be the reference center at national and international level in four basic roles of nursing; education, management, research and care areas.

Our Home Care Process

As Liv Hospital Home Care Unit and Liv Hospital, we do not leave you alone also at your home or where you are with 'Live in my home...', which we have established based on the belief of providing a new perspective to the concept of Home Care Services and difference in the service.

We offer special services for the needs of patients and their relatives by continuing the treatment and care started at our hospital also at home. Our goal and our target are to provide our patients and their relatives to spend these difficult days in the healthiest and most peaceful way by increasing the quality of life.

"Leader in Care, Partner in Success"

Liv Hospital moves with the slogan of 'Leader in care, Partner in success', makes the patients and their relatives to be a partner of the treatment and care process.