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Our Symposium “Non-Operative Management of Rectal Cancer: A New Standard of Care” has successfully concluded

Our Symposium “Non-Operative Management of Rectal Cancer: A New Standard of Care” has successfully concluded.

On the second and third day of the Symposium, medical developments and innovations were discussed and discussed by physicians.
It was realized under the leadership of Professor Philip Paty from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, one of the leading cancer centers in the United States  and Prof. Oktar Asoğlu, head of Liv Hospital’s General Surgery Department. 

Approximately 250 physicians attended the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Süleyman Demirel Culture Center for the 2-day symposium, both domestic and international physicians participated. 

The symposium was dealt with through cases on an interactive platform where new developments were discussed.
As Liv Hospital, we are happy and proud to finish our 5th Symposium with the world famous cancer center Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). 
Ensuring the continuity of such a large organization that contributes to knowledge and humanity requiring a focused effort and perspective.
Since the day we have been established, our mission is "to provide a service that makes a difference for the protection of the health and the cure of the illness.’’
We will proudly continue to work and produce new symposiums ...


13th Liv Symposium Days - Fluorescein Guided Neurosurgery Meeting


13th Liv Symposium Days is held on March 11 and 12 for the meeting titled “Fluorescein Guided Neurosurgery”. Two brain surgeries are carried out with fluorescein-guided technology in the meeting. Real time 3D scenes of surgery are transmitted to the conference hall and watched by participants in Liv Hospital Ulus and other audience worldwide over Internet.


Training in Turkey for International Doctors from 80 Countries


Meri İstiroti, Group Coordinator of Liv Hospital, emphasizes that an important cooperation is undersigned in private sector in order to boost Turkish healthcare sector at international level and she adds: “Our target does not include only providing patients with quality healthcare service. Based on level of quality we achieved and our scientific vision and mission, we will ensure that Turkey will be a world renowned reference center in the field of healthcare.  Such trainings represent an important step taken on behalf of our country”.


Gastroenterology Ablation Treatment (Barryx) Meeting

On the 24th of December, 2015, the ‘Gastroenterology Ablation Treatment (Barryx)’ meeting took place at Liv Hospital Istanbul. The event; aimed for physicians, consisted of 46 attendees including the speakers. Live surgical procedures were broadcasted online during the meeting at B1 conference room with Q & A’s.


Barret's Esophagus Educational Meeting

Damage and inflammation of the esophagus in approximately 13% of acid reflux patients causes deformation of the genetic structure. This deformation is called Barrett's esophagus.

The rate of cancer growth in Barrett's esophagus patients is 30 to 125 times more than the general population.  It occurs more often in men than in women (2:1 ratio)

Covidien / Medtronic continue to develop innovative solutions for early diagnosis and preventive treatments.

To raise awareness to Barrett's esophagus in our country and globally, Medtronic & Liv Hospital has organised a workshop with physicians attending from Europe, The Middle East and Africa (5 – 6 November 2015).

The workshop hosted by Prof. Cengiz Pata, MD (Liv Hospital) and Rehan Haidry, MD (London University College) delivered a global exchange of information regarding Barrett's esophagus diagnosis and treatment procedures and patient profiles and therapeutic approaches from various countries.


Liv Hospital Ankara Bone Marrow Transplantation Center has opened

Liv Hospital Ankara Bone Marrow (Stem Cell)  Transplantation Center has opened. The center consists of a phsycian staff experienced in more than 1,000 transplants, certified nurses and 12 bed capacity.  With a state of the art Apheresis Center and Stem Cell Freezing & Storage Unit, the center is equipped and protected with HEPA filtered air conditioning.

With a privileged service for local and international patients, the center aims for 100 transplantations per year.


Stem Cell And Plastic Surgery Congress

UZBEKISTAN 11 June 2015

Stem Cell And Plastic Surgery Congress

Prof.Assistant Dr. Ümran İleri



Sexual Health Symposium

Sexual Health Symposium

09 June 2015


IORT Conference

BULGARIA 25 May 2015

IORT Conference

Prof. Dr.Cem İyibozkurt

Specialist. Dr. Tayfun Hancılar


4. Balkans Symposium

BOSNIA 11-16 MAY 2015

4th  Balkans Symposium

The Advantages of Soluble Stender

Minimally  Invasive And Robotic Surgery

Prof. Dr. Alp Burak Çatakoğlu

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Özkara