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Forgot Password


In order to get the password from our system, it is required to click the Send Password button by choosing the hospital where you get service with your ID number with the help of the form below. Shortly after, automatic one-time password will be sent by SMS to your mobile phone. When SMS reaches you, you can view your protocols and results by entering the one-time only password that was sent to your phone from the Show Results tab.

* You can perform the changes from the related counter during your visit to the hospital in order to change your cell phone number previously stored in the system or to add a new number in terms of patient data security. The changes made via Call Center or e-mail will not be accepted.

* SMS will be sent to the phone number you have given while logging in to the hospital automation system, not to the phone number you have given while becoming a member of the webpage.


* Please select in which of our hospital your examinations were performed.

* You must enter your 11-digit system ID numberthat you are registered to the system.