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Legal Warning

In the following items, the rules for those who visit the www.livhospital.com website are described. The copyright in this website is owned by Liv Hospital and the users visiting the website will be deemed acknowledged the following terms and conditions including but not limited to all text.

The users may use the information and documents contained on this website for information purpose only. All information and material contained on this website cannot be copied, distributed, leased, reproduced partially or completely, allowed to use with a sub-license, altered, stored to use in the future, or used for commercial purpose unless prior written permission obtained. Access to this site is free and anonymous. Falsifying any information contained on this website in any way will cause to criminal prosecution.

Liv Hospital will not be liable in respect of any indirect or consequential loss and/or damage of any nature arising from actions information or based on the information published on this website or from inability to access the site. Publication of this website does not contain any commitment implied or expressed in any subject for any person and/or entity. All responsibility for any decision to be made in the light of the information contained on the site belongs to the people who visit this website.

Liv Hospital cannot be held responsible for any indirect or consequential losses or damages that may be arisen from visiting the Liv Hospital's website or any website accessed via a link on this website or from their use.

All information, tables, comments and recommendations contained on the website and links therein are presented to provide information to the user Liv Hospital has tried to show all reasonable efforts for the information contained on the website to reflect the most current knowledge. Liv Hospital is the only authority and has the right, at any time in its sole discretion, to revise, amend, modify, correct and remove the information on this website without prior notice. Liv Hospital is not liable in any way for the information contained on this website for not updating them to include most current information, delay in revision, any possible error or mistake on the site for various reasons.

Information and expressions (designs, images, logo, etc.) contained on this website are copyrighted by Liv Hospital. They cannot be used without prior written permission of Liv Hospital. In disputes arising from the use of information contained in this website, the Turkish text of the Conditions of Use will be based, and Liv Hospital declares that, in such a situation, it will use all of its legal rights.

A user who provides response for a Liv Hospital document published by giving an answer regarding the content of the document and submitting information containing a feedback data such as question, suggestion, comments, etc. will acknowledge that this information will not be confidential. Liv Hospital will not have any liability in respect of such information and has the unlimited right to produce, disclose and distribute the information to third parties. Any opinion, concept, know-how or technique included in such information may be used by our side for any purpose. We can get benefit from this information including but not limited to the product development, production and marketing containing the information provided.